Embracing Originality

Creativity is a way of living life that embraces originality and makes unique connections between seemingly disparate ideas.

Pixol Creative aspires to ensure that the creative process is unhindered and ongoing to create more in order to;


Make room for creatives to have full creative self-expression.


Train creatives on understanding the essence of working in and with diverse teams making it easy for them to be integrated in other professional global teams and effectively manage the investment and costs of solo productions.

Building Teams

Grow teams with tolerance in diversity especially due to socializations and lifestyles.


Train creatives to be Innovative.


Encourage excellence through peer reviews and sector lessons learnt sessions and building tolerance where difference in approach or ideologies emerge.

Creative Innovation

It is challenging to be creative where there is no time made or allocated to generate, explore, enrich and develop fresh ideas. Innovation, on the other hand, makes it possible to constantly create methods, products, processes, and environments that keep one’s business alive and relevant across changing times and spaces.

Role of Creatives

The role of creatives is ominous in this respect because every creation they put out there has the potential to change lives and this requires an enabled environment for there to be meaningful impact. Once empowered and self realized, the creative requires an enabled environment to engage their intrinsic or natural gifts to create.

Pixol Creative therefore connects creatives to create more by;

Facilitating Innovation

Facilitating innovation by e.g. convening scriptwriters to an enabling environment for writers roundtable, innovation clinics, production units to create with higher efficiency, etc.

Creative Communities

Establish effective working creative communities who understand how each fits into the equation and can enrich the creative process for sustainable livelihoods.

Research and Surveys

Give evidence of utilization of the products generated from the creative economy through research and surveys.

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