The Enabling Power

The idea of "empowerment" can be empowering only with cognizance of the difference in the urgency it brings about or is supposed to bring about.

Pixol Creative aspires to transfer skills to empower creatives in order to:

Freedom of Choice

Help them manage freedom of choice


Guide them to find creative solutions.

Creative Programs

Find ways to create more creative programs.


Explore exiting strategies to support businesses growth and team building.

The Realization

For creatives, this cognizance is complete when their self-confident narratives and beaming faces are testimony as they speak of their realized self-sufficiency. By believing in the concept of self-help that has arisen from the perception of being a mere secondary help to efficient livelihood makers, empowerment is not just of skill and determination but also of the tremendous dynamism that accompanies a belief in oneself.


The Potential

The creatives need to understand the magnitude of their influence and their role as change-makers in the society. They have potential and a handful has successfully generated, as in the case of this traditional production economy, self-sustained livelihoods, changing possibly the face of creative industry and economies. Those that had no voice in a culturally and economically biased society now find themselves powerfully responsible for productive work. Confidence that can do wonders! The mere confidence brought about from being able to change the economy, is enough to make these creatives question other social ills plaguing their livelihood hence breaking barriers economically, socially, ecologically and culturally as is usually associated with the men/ women divide. This means shaking the public/ private divide, as creatives go out in society independently, confidently and not to mention, purposefully. The constraints on their social presence will be seen lifting as the three strands of nature, culture and economy merged and used for developmental work thereby bringing Dignity to their being.

Pixol Creative therefore connects creatives and works to empower them by;

Increasing Capacity

Building the capacity of stakeholders and players in the value chain of the creative ecosystem.

Creative's Voice

Elevate voice of the creative community so that they may have dignity and be accorded the same in their creative livelihoods.

Economic Muscle

Ensure creative communities are economically built through sustainable livelihoods.

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