An awakening

The products of creativity in their diverse formats meet various societal and individual needs. A wide range of opportunities are provided for individuals to explore their creativity in theatre, space aesthetics, art, community engagement, media and music, and enhance their knowledge and other interests based on personal choice and each individual's desired outcomes.

Pixol Creative aspires to bring to life the creative outputs in order to;


Ensure functional creativity.


Ensure creative exploration.

Positive Recreation

Encourage positive recreation.


Give solutions to identified societal concerns.

The Opportunity

By exploring hobbies and personal interests through positive recreation in creative work, one is enabled to develop new skills to expand their interests and open them to a wide variety of meaningful life experiences that also helps individuals to elicit relationships with natural supports in the community. The opportunities created for individuals/teams to explore paid employment through paid pilot projects support can help to pave a pathway from the beginning steps of vocational exploration to more professional in-depth career development.

Creative Solutions

A creative product must be not only original and surprising (novel); it must also satisfy the need for which it was created. Under functional creativity, the solution to a problem is supposed to be both generalizable and elegant. “An elegant solution solves the present problem in a pleasing way, a generalizable solution leads on to other uses above and beyond the present problem, even though they may not, at first, be obvious” (Cropley 108). The most creative solutions are found when a person goes beyond accounting for novelty and appropriateness.

Pixol Creative therefore connects creatives to bring to life the creative outputs by;


Practical and real-life application of skills.


Creating forums for creative exploration like sectoral events and expos.

Research and Surveys

Give evidence of utilization of the products generated from the creative economy through research and surveys.


Community interaction with creative utility.


Advocacy in action.

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