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Pixol Creative employees and volunteers share their time and expertise with those in need. Whether you’re looking for a new career, a new adventure or a new cause, we want to hear from you. Read, learn, connect, donate. Help us make a difference and have a meaningful impact in the creative industry making the world a better place.

Keeping you Updated

Pixol Creative provides a suite of multimedia products and resources covering the ongoing progress of current projects and the works completed to date to give a glimpse and provide an archive of what is achieved to date in support of our mission. In this section, you will find a broad selection of content including up-to-the-minute news and in-depth coverage of our work as they occur.

What you will find


Key organizational documents, announcements, alerts and reports.

Live Coverage

Live video coverage, both broadcast quality and web streaming, of meetings and major events by Pixol Creative.


Ready-to-air documentary-style programmes.


Audio news and content.


Gallery of Photos from organizational activities.

News Bulletin

Press releases and News articles.


Archive audio, video and photos dating from inception to date.


Accreditation to gain access to cover events and meetings.

Social Media

Social media updates and mobile apps to help you keep up to date on organizational news.
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