A coming together

For people to have a glimpse of and know what a creative does and to experience one’s creativity and the things pertinent to and care about and the resultant change in societal well being because of a creative’s work, one will have to share.

Pixol Creative aspires to share and showcase the creative works of the program beneficiaries and creative process in order to;


Dignify the creatives who put in a lot of effort in the creative production from the hind yet often misunderstood and vilified from a lack of knowledge of what they do.

Creative Works

Demonstrate the contribution of the creative works in societal well being and growth.


Celebrate exceptional creative works that bring meaningful impact to the society.

Creatives' Stand

This also gives the creative a voice to stand for themselves. Traditionally, we’ve been trained to regard the creative process as something that one should be kept to self and are supposed to toil in secrecy, keeping ideas and work under lock and key, waiting until there is a magnificent product to show one can try to connect with others. This has led to the ignorance and lack of appreciation on how much work has been put into developing a final creative product and issues such as abuse in intellectual property, payment that is not commensurate to effort/input, etc. emerge.

Saying "NO" to ignorance

By sharing the process, there is clarity and appreciation to the effort put in to develop a final creative product allow for the possibility of people having an ongoing connection and respect of the creatives and their work and ultimately helps to move more creative products and services. It is also essential to celebrate those who have brought about change for societal well being in this process.

Pixol Creative therefore connects creatives to share their creative works through;

Communication Platforms

Effective engagement on integrated communication platforms.


Exchange learning platforms.


Showcase of creative skills & archiving.


Celebrating the exceptional contributors to the industry.

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