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The Pixel Project is an initiative by Pixol Creative, a non-Profit Organization that champions empowerment and skills transfer to multimedia creatives for sustained livelihoods.

About The Pixel Project

The Pixel Project offers support to creatives, as well as offer professional practice opportunities, administered in collaboration with Ol wonders ltd a communication house and all-inclusive studio suite, for emerging and established creative artists in the literary, visual arts, live arts, music and film.

The Pixel project in enriching the professional practice encourages the creatives to meet, present their work, brainstorm with colleagues and presenters and participate in formal and informal workshops and seminars to enrich their works and ensure that they ultimately make sustained livelihoods out of their natural and learned talents/giftings.

In spite of how many creative communities desire success in entrepreneurship around their talents, first-timers often find themselves in a desert of scarce resources. The Pixel project aspires to help such creatives to be effectively aligned to their Ecosystem. Hence the tagline “changing the world one pixel at a time”.

Through this project creatives find fast, inexpensive ways to turn ideas into actions and products that can ultimately be monetized to return back their investment by working to make accessible platforms to do just that.

It is an initiative that through a holistic approach, pools together creative talent and creates opportunities to showcase talents and multimedia creative productions to mainstream media platforms with the hope of them to be monetized after training, practical experience and strategic linkages.

What it entails

Many aspects come together to make this Project what it is, its uniqueness is brought about by the following;


Pooling talent together with the sole aim of creating production opportunities.


Opportunity to learn new skills and use the same to create employment and economic benefit.


Giving an opportunity not only to be trained in a desired area of skills but also to showcase content and platform to sell it and with a hope, it will be adopted for full production in the mainstream media networks.


Opportunity to learn and/or refine a creative craft in an area of interest or specialization and have an opportunity to lay out your resume to the market and possibility to get a job in the process.


A holistic approach to creating an opportunity to learn the skill and to portray mastered skills amongst peers and wider platform outside.

The Project Goals

The overall goal of the Project is to support the following;


Increased participation of creatives who are largely youth, women and creative membership networks in the storytelling process, monetizing creative works and negotiation and decision-making process.


Creating an understanding of an enabling environment that is conducive for meaningful participation in the creative production process and subsequent support in the capacity development before, during and after creative multimedia production.


Promote increased public awareness of the contribution of creatives to economic development and effective community engagement and leadership.


How to get Involved

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The Timelines

The Pixel Project is a 12-month program that covers the 4 major stages of production that is pre-production, production, post-production and distribution during the course of the 12 months. Applicants will be exposed to what goes on in front & behind the scenes to get content from inception to the market.


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